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The ŞİŞECAM Holding started its activities in the year 1935 with the first glass facility established in Paşabahçe district of Istanbul, Turkey in line with the orders given by Atatürk towards setting up and developing the glass industry in Turkey. Ever since 1935, it has been performing the investment and production via the deployment of state-of-the-art technology in the glass industry as well as research and development activities to meet the entirety of essential requirements for glass products in the country.

As of the 1960s, ŞİŞECAM expanded its operations towards the global markets, growing incessantly in order to rank amongst the most prestigious glass producers of Europe and the world.

ŞİŞECAM is specialized in all the essential areas of glass making with its main divisions, namely “Glass Tableware”, “Glass Packaging”, “Flat Glass” and “Chemicals”.

Glass Tableware Division operates under the brand name “Paşabahçe“, manufacturing soda-ash and crystal glass both hand mode and automatic production.

Paşabahçe Glass Industry and Trade Inc. started the production of glass tableware products made of soda-ash through manual production (hand-made) in 1935, and then in 1955 it initiated machine production (automatic), which is regarded as the initial phase in today’s automatic production technology. In 1974, the production of heat resistant glass was included. Paşabahçe made its first exports in 1961.

From 1980, Paşabahçe rapidly expanded its operations. The company opened new plants, incorporating the automatic production of soda, crystal and heat resistant glass products. During this period Paşabahçe also gave impetus to technological advancement geared towards quality and efficiency.

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Acquiring and using the most advanced technologies on the world scale in production of glass and chemicals, ŞİŞECAM commenced the R&D studies in the 1970s with the awareness of the competition advantage to be brought by implementing and developing such technologies.

Within the 30 years following institutionalization of the R&D, new product and process development activities for float glass, glass packaging and glass household articles as well as the studies placing human and environment health to the forefront, oriented in improving energy and production efficiencies and developing high technologies, reducing the costs and solving the problems were among the continuous studies of that organization.

By this way, the Group has come to a position of creating its own technology in design and production of glass, furnace and coating with the R&D structuring covering also the engineering and technical support units.

Paşabahçe proudly presents its Paşabahçe Professional line with its technologically supported and broadened product range to foodservice sector. The Paşabahçe Professional products meet all the needs of the sector.



Some of the items of Paşabahçe Professional, identified with this mark, are fully tempered.

The tempering process provides the following advantages to the items:

– Can be used without accessory in the microwave oven.

– Are suitable for dishwasher and refrigerator usage.

– They are more resistant to strong shocks, breakage or scratches.

– They are more resistant to sudden heat changes.

– They will have a longer lifespan by means of durability.

– In case of fragmentation, breaking into small and bluntier pieces instead of sharp pieces has been aimed. (The size of glass fragments can vary according to the design, shape, thickness, usage and lifespan of the glassware)



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