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Since 1889 a leading manufacturer of professional pots and pans

Ballarini is well known worldwide for its presence in the high segment of the market for household cooking in all its aspects: from the mass market, to qualified retailer and to promotional channels. From 2009 the company approaches also the professional segment with a new dedicated brand Ballarini Professionale.

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From the manufacturing of the aluminium disk to the final phases of production: the complete production cycle of the pan is carried out under the rigid and total control of the entire production line within the Rivarolo Mantovano factory. Ballarini is the only company in Europe which achieves a complete production cycle, carried out and developed with technological criteria which are respectful of both the environment and people.

Ballarini products are in compliance with European health and sanitary regulations EN601 and EN602 and with the Legislative Decree 108/92, CEE Directive 89/109. The articles in aluminium comply with the decree by the Health Ministry no. 76 of April 18th 2007.

Conscious of the quality aspects involved in environmental care, Ballarini mixes its technological know-how and the faithfulness to tradition to the concept of sustainable development, as testified by the certification of environmental management system UNI EN ISO 14001, acknowledging the attention of the company to ethical issues and respect of Nature.

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The professional handles are made in tubular stainless steel with reinforced rib, conferring a greater torque resistance. The Ballarini R&D department has tested the handle range according to the most severe specifications described in the EN12983-1 European standard.

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The pans are produced with a calibrated bottom concavity which, when reaching the correct cooking temperature, guarantees a perfect stability and planarity of the bottom. Should heat sources such as an electric, ceramic glass or induction plate be used, the flat bottom provides an even heat distribution. The planarity is tested with thermal shock tests consisting of serial heating and cooling of the pan, conducted according to EN 12983-1 European regulation.


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