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The designer label of glassmaking, gives expression of the Made in Italy throughout the world

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Art, creativity, aesthetic inventivness, continuous innovation, quality standards are all key factors and synonymous of the brand Luigi Bormioli. The company’s size allows for co-operation with both the big multinational groups as well as small to medium size companies, thanks to its technical ability in projects development, in constant improvement, and to its quality levels. The knowledgeable understanding of
the market together with team work amongst the various functions in the organization (marketing, sales, technical and logistics) combined with a professional workforce with a string sense of belonging, significantly contribute to the development of unique and innovative products. Bormioli Luigi has become the chosen business partner of the world’s top companies in the tableware and perfumery industry thanks to its exceptional high standards, making a decisive contribution to their success.
Bormioli Luigi SpA has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.
The company’s flexibility and ability to develop projects in the shortest of leadtimes, timely and reliable deliveries, fast reaction times to customers’ needs, are all key factors of Bormioli Luigi’s startegy. Bormioli Luigi is renowed worldwide as a leading company entirely dedicated at satisfying its customes’ needs.
Bormioli Luigi produces not only with high quality levels, but also totally complies with safeguarding the workforce’s security and health, and it is committed to safeguarding the environment by the pursuit of an eco-friendly development aimed at bringing down emissions in the atmosphere, such as CO2.
Bormioli Luigi SpA has implemented and maintains an Environment Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standards.


As well as for its exceptional designs, the most prestigious Made in Italy for the table, home and design is made distinctive by its first-class characteristic: Luigi Bormioli’s glass.

The use of purest raw materials, advanced and eco-friendly melting processes, highly innovative production processes, enable the achievement of a glass:

– extra pure and totally trasnparent

– sparkling

– longer lasting

– resistant to breakage

This particular glass respects, maintains and enhances the organoleptic characteristics, the real aromas and flavours of foods and drinks contained. Our glass does not contain any heavy metals and it is produced with extremely low emission levels in the atmosphere.

Through the years, thanks to its tradition and experience and the continuous efforts of its R&D department, Bormioli Luigi has developed various types of innovative glass:

SON.hyx High Tech crystal glass

SPARKX Ultra Clear and durable glass

to increase the value of its products and the sales.



Sonhyx UK

Sparkx UK

Titanium UK



010 Atelier



020 Doc

The 21.5 cl D.O.C. stemglass represents the standard size ISO (International Standards Organisation) for wine tasting. The ISO wine glass has a distinctive shape that enables the wine to be swirled easily without any spillage.

The rim helps contain all the delightful aromas and enhances the appreciation.

This stemglass is scientifically designed to be used across a broad range of wine styles, all wines can be sampled from just one glass. The right wine quantity to be tested is 5 cl.



030 Veronese



050 Duos

Thermic Glass UK