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In order to satisfy the safety requirements and financial constraints of cost-centered and profit-centered catering industry professionals, ARCOROC offers an extensive range of innovative, functional, high-quality products. Drinkware, dinnerware and flatware collections are available in a selection of materials to suit a variety of tableware concepts (cocktail, dessert, aperitifs, barware, hot beverages, table decoration, etc.), ensuring that there is a product to suit your every need.

The 50 engineers and researchers employed groupe Arc International research centre work closely with Arcoroc designers, wine experts and advisors to develop products that are innovative in terms both of design and materials striving ever harder to satisfy the needs and expectations of catering industry professionals.




Founded in 1825, The ” Verrerie Cristallerie d’Arques ” – small family business – was initially established as a thriving industrial center of northern France, and then become over the years, an international group, the world’s leading Supplies table. Become “Arc International” in 2000, the company has met with success due to a family that has brought visionary ambitions, values and stability and has made technological innovation guide its development.






Kwarx® combines the best qualities of all glass products and adds in purity.

Kwarx® is incredibly resistant under everyday conditions:

Solidity is obtained by an invisible but very strong bond between the bases, the stems and the bowls of glasses, which results in a perfectly smooth surface which does not have weak points.

Kwarx® keeps its shiny sparkle wash after wash:

Extraordinary brilliance that has been tested in laboratory conditions over more than two thousand industrial washes.

Kwarx® seems to vanish, to enable the range of colours in each wine to be appreciated:

Completely transparent glasses, due to the fact that they are completely colourless.



So that our customers no longer need to choose between beauty and durability, Arc International’s Research Centre has developed Zenix®, a new mineral material with outstanding properties. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, Zenix® finally combines refinement with advanced technology.

High shock resistance:

Zenix® is created from the high temperature fusion of mineral raw materials, reinforced with alumina, which gives it remarkable mechanical strength. This is why Zenix® tableware is up to 3 times more resistant to shocks and chipping than porcelain.

High scratch resistance:

Zenix® has a perfectly smooth and non-porous reinforced surface. When stainless steel cutlery may leave marks on the hardest porcelains and scratch softer ones, it simply slides over Zenix® without leaving the slightest trace*. Plates made of Zenix keep their brand-new appearance day after day, wash after wash (2000 industrial cycles).

* Preferably used with knives hardened beyond 500 Vickers norm ISO 8442. Ceramic knives should not be used.

Perfect finish:

Zenix® is the result of an innovative production process in which every article is carefully monitored and crafted from start to finish. Combined with this innovation, the homogenous nature of Zenix® offers the plates a silky touch on both sides.

 00 Logo Fully Tempered

To increase the lifespan of Arcoroc products by 10 to 50 times, thereby reducing the problem of frequent breakages, in 1958 Arc International’s research centre developed a technical treatment known as “tempering”. Tempered items boast excellent shock- and heat-resistance coupled with exceptional heat-retention levels. Arcoroc products are fully tempered.

“Tempered” products offer unrivalled benefits that please catering professionals:

• Fewer breakages: a tempered glass can be up to 5 times more resistant than an item that has not undergone any specific treatment process.

• Style, elegance and robustness: tempered items have an increased resistance but thickness of the glass is not increased – the finished item remains elegant and stylish.

• Safety first: when a shock or a series of shocks causes the exterior of a tempered glass to shatter, the glass breaks into blunt fragments.

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EDGE PLUS, a new rim technology, up to 50% stronger.

A new surface treatment , which increases the glass’ elasticity. The inside tensions are thereby reduced, which increases the resistance of the glass’ rim.

The rim of EDGE PLUS glasses is up to 50% more resistant than a standard glass.

The new EDGE PLUS technology solves the problem of chipped glasses found in bars and restaurants, reducing:

– risks of cut lips

– less elegant tables

– a tarnished image for the establishment

00 Logo Empilable

Stackable: Designed for bulk use

Perfect stackability: space saving for storing and transporting

User-friendly: easy to handle throughout service



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